Manufacturers and Exporters of ISO Tank Container, Rubber / PE / FRP lined ISO tank Container, Tote Tanks, Offshore Drilling Chemical Storage Tanks,Transport Trailer Tanks, Frac Tanks & Mud Tanks

                       ISO TANK CONTAINER 

LAVA Engineering Company designs and builds high-quality UN portable ISO Tank Containers (IMO type) which are in service around the world, providing safe and reliable storage and transport for various liquids.Our range of 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft ISO Tank Containers vary in capacity from 5000 litres up to 45,000 litres. We have ISO Tanks Containers which have steam heating capability and are insulated, while others are bare and can be used in industries of

  • hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals
  • ultra-high purity liquids for pharmaceutical and electronic applications
  • process chemicals for the oil and gas industry
  • food grade products and beverages (wine, whisky and beer)
  • hazardous waste, including low-level nuclear waste


LAVA ISO Tank Containers conform to the International Maritime Organization Standards (IMO). This allows LAVA ISO Tank Containers to be used for imports/exports in any country. Meeting IMO standards also allows our ISO Tank Container to be used for hazardous as well as non-hazardous products with approvals of ASME, IMDG, TIR, AAR, CSC and others. 

LAVA Engineering Company also builds high-quality Storage Tanks in Mild Steel / Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel, Process Tanks for  Chemical Plants, Mining Industries, Alumina Plants, Process tanks for Pharmaceutical Companies, Food Processing Industries, Storage vessels for Oil exploration industry and many others. Our ability to execute projects virtually anywhere and our unrivaled technical expertise have made us a leading provider of tanks for all Industries.


With more than a decade of experience in tank & vessel  engineering, we've developed innovative tools and techniques for building better tanks and storage equipments for appropriate and optimal usage. Our company-wide technical standards ensure every tank and item is designed and built according to our exact specifications. for maximum safety. We have introduced automatic welding, which achieves high-quality welds and is significantly faster than manual welding. Our experienced craftsmen carefully grind and inspect every weld to ensure there are no rough seams that could damage the tank's rubber lining, which protects the tank walls from corrosive chemicals.