Manufacturers and Exporters of ISO Tank Container, Rubber / PE / FRP lined ISO tank Container, Tote Tanks, Offshore Drilling Chemical Storage Tanks,Transport Trailer Tanks, Frac Tanks & Mud Tanks


10ft / 20ft /30ft / 40ft ISO Tank Container, T1 , T4, T11, T14 ISO tank container, HCL Tank container,  Rubber Lined ISO Tank container, FRP Lined ISO Tank container, FRP Lined Transport Trailer Tank, TOTE Tank, TOTE Frame, FRP lined Acid Storage Tank for corrosive liquids, Lorry Tankers, Offshore Drilling Mud Tank, FRAC Tanks, Diesel Storage tank 

 ISO 9001 - 2008 Company  for ISO TANK CONTAINERS and DNV certified OFF Shore Oil Drilling Equipment's and Storage tanks 

LAVA ENGINEERING COMPANY is an ISO 9001 - 2008 Company and leading Manufacturer and Exporter of UN portable ISO Tank Containers like IMO1 - IMO5 ( T1, T4, T11, T14, T50 Type tank containers in India for Hazardous Liquid Chemicals, Non Hazardous Liquids and Gases.

Our Tanks are designed under UN Portable ISO Tank Containers with ASME Design Code for Certifications of ASME, ISO, IMDG, CSC, TIR, ADR/ RID, DOT, TC, UIC. We manufacture 20ft / 30ft / 40ft ISO Tank Container for all Liquids under IMO1 to IMO5. The tanks are certified for Sea, Road and Rail transport by RINA / Lloyds / DNV.

Our Specialization and Design Prototype for T14  - 1CC - ISO Tank Containers for HCL, Caustic Soda Liquid, Sulphuric Acid, Ferric Chloride have been prominent with customers in many countries. We also cater to leading Oil Field Drilling Companies with Equipment's and Storage tanks like Frac Tanks, Mud Tanks and Transport trailers.    

We have a the facility and experts in the design and fabrication of bespoke products to serve the worldwide chemical, Oil exploration, pharmaceutical, nuclear, and food industries. We apply the same precision and engineering excellence throughout the whole of our extensive range of Containers with International standards of ASME / ISO/ API /DNV.  


Lava Engineering  aim to oversee the entire fabrication process, from initial design by our team of specialist designers, to fabrication under WPS, WQR, WQC qualification, testing under ISO 1496 /3,  DNV,  Sparl tesin for FRP / Rubber Lining finishing and certification of tank containers all carried out by our highly-qualified and expert team of engineers and technicians.

Lava Engineering industrial team provide process engineering solutions and equipments in excellence, accurate cost estimates, fit-for-purpose engineering and consistency with hosting in-house facilities in a 40,000 Sq ft complex for ROBOTIC welding, TIG / MIG Welding,  Subnrged Arc Welding, Stainless Steel TIG welding, Various Finishing & Fettling Equipment, Drilling, Notching, Rolling Capacity (3000mm), Spot Welding, Stud Welding and Plasma Cutting.